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Alex MacDonald

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I picked up a new longbow at our club shoot over the weekend. It's a fitting arrow-flinger for a Scot; a Border Bows Griffon GL 66-inch longbow made in Scotland. At my draw length, I'm pulling about 57-59lbs, plenty to arrow an elk, moose or bear, and expect to get the job done. It's very smooth, and with an UltraCam 6-strand string, very quick. Unfortunately, after having not shot all year, I can't hit my own foot yet. Can't figure out how to post photos here, so maybe either Jason or Ed will come over one of these days for a visit and they can walk me through the process (HINT!!). This makes a total of 6 bows for me, and three for her Ladyship. We're a well-armed medieval household!


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Alex you already probably know this but Border makes some of the nicest recurves and long bows in the world. I still have my Super Black Douglas recurve I purchased in 1996.

I toured the Border archery plant in 1997 when I was in Scotland. impressive operation. post some pics

Jim Ficklin

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Looked into it Alex . . . rendon damage (old, old damage; I had no clue 30+ years ago). Lousy odds. I can use it (off-arm) & full range of motion, but there's just things I can't/don't do anymore.

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