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Overly complicating a perfectly good pattern for no apparent reason or making do with what I have? Burned through all my decent dun CDC and, although there's a bunch of widgeons right around the corner, the residents wouldn't take kindly to a harvest so I figured I'd use up all the shorts I have left until USPS can re-supply. Some folks prefer to double the tying thread over to create a loop; I like working right off the bobbin - saves me time, creates less bulk and I don't need to dig out a twister.
The dubbed underbody? adds some flash (some times it helps, some times it doesn't; I tie them both ways) and maybe 20 seconds to tying time.

hook - Dai Riki 320 #14
thread - Gudebrod 10/0 grey
underbody - Ice Dub peacock/black
body/hackle/legs/whatever - CDC dun
wing - deer hair dun

mash barb and tie in thread

dub body; finish up at the hook bend

take the twist out of the thread and split

put the feathers in a clip of some sort and trim the fibers off the stem (only 2 hands and no tripod, so I can't show how I got to this step); slide the clip between the split thread

trap the fibers between the thread strands and release from the clip

spin the bobbin and you have your own home-made HF Hackle

wet fingertips, stroke it back, wrap it forward

clean & stack a clump of hair and measure for length (hook shank)

trim hair to length, 2 soft loops and pull firmly; take a couple wraps through the butts to anchor

half hitch x2, SHHAN; done fly

another option - split the thread, dubbed one strand of the split, then inserted cdc and spun it all together; can't get Ice Dub to make a tight body but it seemed to turn out okay

Thanks Scott! I used a bunch of HF hackle on the body of some soft hackles that I tied and really liked they way the flies came out. I'll have to try this method to tie more of the same in colors that HF hackle isn't readily available in.
Very nice SBS, thanks for putting this together. I haven't seen this variation done and it looks interesting. When I tie them, the CDC is the body material. I just wrap the feather up towards the eye. I'll give these a shot, these look too good to pass up. Nicely done, thanks again.
I tied up a few tonight and instead of splitting the thread, I wound/palmered the CDC feather over the ice dub much like Hans ties his CDC & Elk. That fly by the way is a staple in my box. I used VERY, VERY little ice dub and was pleased with the results. It literally looked like I was pulling out just a few strands of ice dub. Peacock Midge Diamond Braid might be another alternative. The end result looked very similar to yours. Thanks again for sharing and for giving me inspiration.


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I tied up a few tonight and instead of splitting the thread, I wound/palmered the CDC feather over the ice dub much like Hans ties his CDC & Elk.
Glad it worked out for you. I would have tied them that way, too (Wally Wiese at Parks Flyshop does that), but all I had left in dun cdc was shorts and misshapen feathers; hence the split thread option. Please post some pics; I'd love to see how yours turned out.

Ahh, it makes sense why you went the split thread route. Those shorts oddball sizes have to get used up one way or another right? Please excuse the mess, I'm in full stride of my marathon tying sessions. Prepping for a 10 day trip that starts in one week. I just went back and compared your finished product to mine. The end results look very similar despite the different wrap technique, I give yours the nod for the cleaner wraps at the head. Is that the Petijean Magic Tool that I see? How do you like it?

I'd bet this pattern will work very well for Grannoms.

This is how much/little Ice Dub I was using. For comparison sake, I've got a bodkin in my hand. I added a little more than I'd like to have this time.

All wrapped up.

With the elk wing.



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That's a real nice fly and great pics. The Petijean tool works very well; bought it years ago (the girl doing the demo at the Fly Show was cute and I took the bait) and I'm getting my money's worth out of it now. A bull clip could probably do the same thing.


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