Flowing Lake


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Fished this am @ Flowing lake. very good mid hatch going on. tried some mids with & without indicator.
no joy . also a leech with no luck. some fish were in the shallows feeding. but i had a problem with some nut case on the dock saying i was fishing over his line which was BS since i was some 500-600 feet away.
he became totally nuts and was yelling at me that i should be at the other end of that side of the lake cause i had a water craft and i had the whole lake to fish.
i had words with him that i was not anywhere near his line, but that didnt help it just got worse.
finally he left in a crazy rock throwing gravel in his car.
i left right away thinking he might come back with a gun. and all this while he had a small child with him.
guy was older probably retired. but really ! act like a nut while your watching a child ?
anyway if you go take some mids but watch out for a nut fishing from the dock that drives a silver Hyundai.

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