Lanyards - How many of you guys wear them?


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I always see a guide or a large bearded lumberjack on the cover of a fishing magazing sporting one. I bought one a few years ago (Dr Slick?) when I was in Port Townsend. I just never put the damn thing on when I go out. Seem like it would get in the way.

So I'm curious who uses them and under what kind of conditions do you use them? Chasing steel, trout, or ? They look like a minimalist tool which suits me now that I ditch the vest and I guess that is why it's on my brain.

Care to share?


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I really like lanyards. I first used one on a 3-4 day hike in trip (saved a bunch of weight over the vest) and found that I liked it so much I use it most of the time now. Did not use while steelheading. I use it a lot on float tubing on lakes also so that it's easier to have a life vest on.

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I love mine. It's got nippers, forceps, floatant, a drying patch, a bottle opener and a Tie Rite. Everything else either goes in a pocket or it stays home.



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I use a Morning Star lanyard during steelhead season: two spools of tippet material, nippers, and a foam fly patch. There are still a few 'extra' hasps where I have not yet decided what else to add.

Forceps are kept on a retractor attached to the waist pack; mostly because of weight.

Not sure I would like the idea of three to five spools of tippet on this lanyard during trout season.


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Mine is home made. (Red thin line) it has: leader straightener, tie-fast nipper nail knot tool and forceps. I wear it whenever I fish.


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I guess I need a lesson. The more items I have that are loose on me, the more my shooting line seems to get wrapped up! Last year or the year before, my shooting line just ripped my glasses off and into 3 feet of saltwater I was standing in! I think I have a pretty aggressive casting style so that may be the deal. If something is "loose" near me, look out!! line will catch it! :)


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Tried one a long time ago but didn't like it. It hate having stuff hanging
around my neck or flopping around if I'm hiking. As I've gotten older less has become better for me in regards to these kinds of things while fishing.
I used one every time out last year, even when wearing my vest. I found it handy for tippet and nippers. Beyond that I am not certain how much I will use it this year. Oh and another plus, it was handy on a drift boat.



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I have and use one, store purchased, but I opened it up and let my daughter decorate it some. She put some extra touches on it, some blue fish beads, and a few other colored beads. ;) So much better than a vest IMO.
I'm a lanyard guy myself. I use a Morning Star given to me by the owner, I can't recall her name. She used some special fish-shaped beads she got in the Carribean somewhere. I use this, and the smallest Fishpond pack which only carries a single box. I use this setup for everything I chase, from trout to bass to bonefish. Minimal weight and forces me to choose only the essentials. Additionally, I like having my tippet and hemos and nippers available immediately and without having to dig for anything...


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