BRAVEHEART comes back to PNW

Well as some may know who know me, I am in the Coast Guard (21,5 years) and it is my time to transfer! I leave Station Calumet Harbor (Chicago) and now have received orders to National Motor Lifeboat School Standardization Team, Illwaco Washington (CAPE D).

My career has been up and down like any job, I make it fun and enjoyable for me and the ones I work for. When it comes stressful, I make it fun and enjoyable. This transfer season was stressful, but got my number one pick, which makes me happy, wife happy, which is #1 in my book.

I am going to be back home in Washington, fishing with my brother, enjoying our property on the NF Stilly and all my friends I left in 2009. I will miss the people I met here, sad for my daughter (13) who has made friends, tons of friends, but she understands my job and said" It is okay dad, I would have never met these people if it wasn't for you" okay, it made me cry like a baby when she said that.

So to all you Washington guys, I will be back in July and hope to see you on the rivers and lakes. We are still not sure if living in Illwaco area or somewhere close. Depends on my recall status and command concerns.

So FREEDOM is back in Washington!

William Wallace (BRAVEHEART)
Congrats! We moved back last summer after 4 years in Cape May NJ. I'm across the river at ANT Astoria. Let me know if you need any local area info-


Alex MacDonald

that's His Lordship, to you.....
Welcome back! Coasties should never have to buy their own beer.

William, for the record, when Robert the Bruce was dying in 1329. he asked his closest friend, Sir James Douglas (the Black Douglas) to carry his heart to the holy land on crusade. Bruce's dying wish was to go on crusade, kinda the "bucket wish" thing. So, Douglas takes the heart with him, and before a battle with the Saracens, he rides out onto the field carrying the heart in a little silver and lead-lined casque, throws it out onto the field of battle, and says "go first, Brave Heart". That's where they got the title for the movie.


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Welcome Back.

Olypenjeeper, I was stationed at ANT Portland, OR (which I think you guys took over their duties a while ago). It was one of the best jobs I ever had! We were a small unit that was pretty much left alone to do our duties.
We had a non-marked (no big orange stripe on it) 18' work boat, that had fishing rods in a lot of the time.

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If more people studied history maybe the human race would Quit making the same mistakes over and over again !!!
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It seems that they just push them through school and to hell what they learn.

This is supposed to be "no child left behind". They would be better off if they left the dumb ones behind.
Congratulations on your orders to Cape D. Sounds like an interesting job. Is this assignment going to be the end of the road for you or are you waiting to see what's offered when you're tour complete?