Snoqualmie SF


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Looking at the regs, I am seeing that the SF is closed. Question I have is, is it closed. I have seen some reports on here and am just wondering if I am wrong since I was thinking bout heading up there.

Kent Lufkin

Remember when you could remember everything?
The regs on all the Snoqualmie forks are really confusing. The post above is correct, but I find it easier to remember that all three are open for C&R year 'round. They are ALSO open for catch and kill from the first Saturday in June until the end of October.



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Even though the Snoq forks are open, fishing is really tough. First, watch the water levels. I only hit the SF Snoq if it is under about 300 cfs: Keep in mind that prime summer flows are 100-50 cfs.

Second, just be prepared for slow fishing. For some reason, the fish in the Snoq forks are just nearly nonexistent players from about early October until sometime in June. My advice is to fish midge pupae and other small nymphs at the bottom in deep and slow water. That water is cold and they aren't looking to move much.

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