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Due to the "shrinkage" problem with the Icelandic Sheep hair, I decided to add bulk to the body with under-wraps of lead wire. As the tail will shrink down to hardly anything, I've tied it in short and am relying on the body to sell the pattern to the bass. The hair is easy to work with for this style of pattern so I would like to come up with an approach that catches fish.

With any luck, I'll try it this afternoon at the farm lake.



Forget this one. The danged thing didn't work! Of course nothing else I tried worked either. Guess I need to concentrate on trout and wait for the farm ponds to warm up. Stupid bass.


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As a good scientist, if your control experiment (i.e., fish biting flies that you know work based on prior field experiments) failed, then it is your experiment that is flawed, not necessarily the test subject. As you indicate, you need to modify the experimental conditions, adding heat in this case, and then repeat the experiment (with appropriate controls) before you can conclusively rule out this fly as a positive addition to your arsenal.



Yes, I did try the lipped versions and the ones with blades... nothing.

I have no idea what the water temperature was because I planned to fish no matter what. There was no surface activity and I couldn't even coax a gill into hitting a fersure pattern that always works for bluegill. Plus, there were no small fish in the shallows.

Normally, there a many frey size fish in the shallows so that was in itself odd.

The water temps were cold, I could tell that even with liners under my waders. It is a large lake so I'm rushing things. I should have targeted a smaller, more shallow lake that warms up quicker but this one has produced well for me in the past.


It really could sustain trout but as the warmwater fish end up in the farm lakes when the Willamette floods and no one plants them, you get what you get.

The lipped versions certainly do wiggle but evidently not enough to entice a strike. Most likely I should have been using worm style patterns on the very bottom but I'm not a fan of that style of flyfishing for bass.

A few years ago I did great in March at the farm ponds so I figured the recent warm weather would turn on the bass... it didn't. Maybe April will be better at the lakes if we'd get a warming trend. ... or I need to focus on the smaller lakes.

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