Easter tradition-Goldenrod eggs

Jerry Daschofsky

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This has been an Easter tradition for as long as I can remember. Sometimes I'll make it during the year. But has been done for at least 5 generations (well 6 now that my kids have been eating it).

It's very easy to make. For tradition we would take the collected hard boiled eggs and peel them. Dice them up, they don't need to be fine. Make a standard cream gravy (as if you were making sausage gravy) then add the eggs. Crumble up the yolk and stir in thoroughly. Turns the gravy a...........wait for It............a goldenrod color. Serve over biscuits and hashbrowns.

I'll have pics later. Was at a late deployment party and everyone is still asleep so haven't made breakfast yet.


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Wow, that takes me back. My mom used to make that when I was a kid, haven't thought about that (much less seen it) for about 40 years.

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