Man It is Getting Hot

yesterday it hit 76 degrees so i went out the the farm again,the fish were everywhere and active,sight casted a good 3 dozen gills and even hooked one bass on a popper! sucked he didn't stay on,looked like a nice 3lb fish or so. crazy i had a fish hit the top in march. It was so warm i was sweating. The water is clearing,there is weed growth and hatches. going out again today with my friend hopefully.

It was a good day to be on the water



I'm obviously fishing warm water lakes that are too large. The water temps are still far too cold where I've been fishing. At least you're doing well :)
Aw Jeeeez, man! It is bad enough with the nice weather we are having, but now my spring fever has kicked in big time. Great pictures
and thanks for posting them. But now you got my blood moving and I suddenly realized that I need to get out and go fishing.

Nice looking pan fish. I love pan fish. Did I tell you I love pan fish?
I have a 2 wt just for pan fish. Did I tell you I love pan fish?

Wonder if the perch are out in Lake Washington as yet?
Nice. I'd love to find a pond with some big gills in it. I've read that Blue lake is the premier gill fishery in the state. Beautiful fish, and boy do they put up a fight.

I've been told about the great family Perch fishery in the basin that happens about this time every year when they leave the lakes to spawn in the wasteways.


It appears Brandon's success is not universal. Not only have I failed to catch a bass this year... one of the guys where I work attends bass tournaments at participated at one over the weekend at a Valley lake.

Him and his partner spent 11 hours on the lake and both got 1 bite and hooked no bass.

His report made me feel much better about my failure to land a bass or even a bluegill so far this year.


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Nice report. Got to love those pan fish. Great fighter on light rods and they taste good as well, especially the crappie.
There are a bunch of good warmwater lakes here on the westside. Some are smaller lakes or ponds and get little to no pressure.
this pond definitely turns on before others, we went again yesterday and my friend sam was spin fishing and caught 8 small bass and hooked 2 others that came off. I hooked one on a popper just before dark but once again came unbuttoned,but i did manage about 2 dozen nice gills again. My advise-find a pond that is very shallow, it will be warm enough.

going to wait for another really warm and calm day to go out after the really big gills hopefully they wills till be near the surface.
The Gills in my backyard pond are not out yet. I think it's a couple weeks or so away around here before they even show themselves. I looked and last year it was 3rd week but last Spring was gray and cold. If we have sun and warmth I'll be out looking for Bass on the local lakes. I hope we don't have this year what happened last !!!:mad:

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All you guys who are getting skunked on bass, check your coolers. Jim Henderson and I learned from Lonnie and Dave about the proper libation to entice bass several years ago on Banks Lake; Keystone won't cut it, you need Bud, and completely forget about microbrews; ain't gonna happen!!!
I was bass fishing this morning in a small lake that generally has 1/4-1 1/2 lb bass. I hooked into something that felt huge, it starting towing the boat in towards the shore and a huge pile of logs and sticks. Panic! I put the electric outboard in full reverse, but It kept pulling me in! I had no choice but to try and turn the fish hard and he broke me off. I immediately thought it was one of the 20 lb Carp that are in the lake, but a second later he jumped, and it was a huge bass that looked like he was around 8 lbs. (black bugger stripped quickly is what got the strike)