Went fishing today

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I was out and about today Just getting away from the house is a boon. I drove up to the FAS on the Beaverhead at Pipe organ. Turned around and headed back down stream to where the river comes close to the road. Got out and walked about 25 feet from my truck and started to fish. Was using my 6wt with a floating line and two nymphs. The top nymph was just to get it down and the bottom was a size 20 or 22 Black Zebra nymph. Caught four fish and had three LDR's in about 45 minutes. All on the zebra nymphs. All hooked in the top lip.

I took a few pictures and now I'm going to try and load them.


Old Man

Just an Old Man
The snow is just about all gone. A few patches here and there.

The weather was about 60 degrees today. The sun was warm on my back and I even started to sweat..

That hole I was fishing in is loaded with Brownies. That was all I was catching today.

Now you all see that I do catch fish. And now you can all go to hell.
Huh... So there's Old Man fishing open access streams in Montana, with not a snowdrift in sight, while we're here in warm sunshine, though still in March, with no rivers and only a few lakes available to fish.... Could it be that in moving to Montana, Jim got it right?:confused:


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And two weeks ago you were grumping about a few snow flurries... bet you feel a little silly now :D. Things should really get cooking over there this next month -- and no crowds!


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Great Pictures! Thanks for sharing and I am glad the snow has cleared for awhile but I do hope for a little more before the big run off begins.

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Might go again tomorrow. Most fish I have caught this year. Getting skunked lately. Even in Montana you can get your ass handed to you.

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Went out again today. Murphy's law kicked in. I got there and proceeded to get down the bank to fish and went ass over tea kettle down the bank. Now my knees are fucking sore. I think that I was asleep today. Every time I had a hit my mind was in the bushes. Missed about three hits. I lost both flies on a fish and had to retie up. No more red SJW's.

Tied up with a pink SJW and a red zebra nymph. Bad choice of a nymph. Last time I tried a red zebra nymph all I caught were White fish. Same today but this one was about 16". No more fish after that one. Went back to a black nymph. Left and went home.

Weather was nice, sun shining and warm on my back. Wind out of the South. Temp was about 60. Couldn't ask for a better day except maybe more fish biting.


Hopefully you didn't land on your camera. The last time I fell down a bank while heading to the river I ended up breaking my rod.

At least you got a whitefish. I'm 0 for 3 so far this year.