Merrill Ice Off?


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When does Merrill typically become fishable? I guess reachable is probably the key thing...

This year things seem to be warming up pretty quickly but any input would be great!

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I too am interested. I enjoy that lake and last year I didn't learn about the hex hatch until Oct. Too late. I plan to hit it this year. Has anyone landed any large fish in merril? I caught a bunch and only a couple fish at 20in.

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I have not fished it this early in the season, but looking at the hills behind the house, snow is breaking up. They don't typically open the gate to the parking / camping area until a couple weeks prior to memorial day, so that's not much fun to pack larger craft down.

I have been fishing a lake at about equil elevation outside clark county for over a month and it has been ice free and popping off with stripping buggers, sorry, no tellsies

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