Dry Falls Report

Hit Dry Falls for opening day...and so did the rest of eastern Washington. I've never seen so many rigs and boats on that lake. The weather was beyond gorgeous, but the fishing not so much. Between my buddy and me, we caught about a dozen fish. It was slow and we never found a fly combination that produced consistently. Nonetheless, it was nice to get out.


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Thanks for the report. I knew there would be a lot of folks there. I think I will wait till a little later in the month. Kirk

Scott Salzer

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BT - I was there too. I did a bit better than you with about a dozen to the boat. I had the temps starting at 50, then a bit warmer ass the day went on. The water was a little murky and it looked like some parts had turned over. The water is up a bit this year and I cruised the shallows to see if anything was haging out there, nothing.

The fish I caught were decent, smallest was 14, most around 16 and one at 18. All on a black sno-cone fished in shallow water near the shore. Some of the deep water boys did better from what I heard and they picked up a number of the recent plants. I taked witht he bio and he counted 40 boats from the observation area.

Temps in the 70's this year, two years ago we were fishing in snow.....


Indi "Ira" Jones
I fished it on Tuesday and did fairly well back under the observatory. I made it out on the lake around 8:30 and headed to the back bay and there were already a few guys lined up on the shore soaking stuff under indicators in shallow. I anchored myself up more in the middle in 13' of water and promptly picked up a fish on my Aqualux line I had left out for trolling. That fly was right on the bottom sitting still when the fished picked it up so I set my indicator so my bottom fly would hang right on the bottom. I picked up some weeds, but I also picked up fish fairly consistently most of the day until around 3:00 when things slowed down and I decided to explore. I did manage one nice run between around 11:00 and 12:00 where I was watching my indicator dive under about every time my flies made it to depth. I think in that time I landed around 25 or so most in the 15"-16" range with a couple in the 12" range and a few more in the 17" plus range. My largest was 18 1/2" I found that the early fish I caught were darker bucks in spawning colors. The real tuggers were fat and bright with plenty of spunk, but no reel screamers. No browns, no tigers. Water temp around 55.

I ran into dbk out on the lake and I'll say that after running into him my enjoyment level on the lake certainly increased, I helped him out but he was struggling until we moved to deeper water (20+) and then he found all the love with no takes for myself. I think he ended up landing 5 or 6 before we moved on to some shallower water again. He ended up leaving around 6:30 or so I think, and I stayed until it was dark. I ended up finding 5 more over in the top of the west back bay in around 12' of water before heading in. On the way in I picked up a couple more hits trolling but I didn't hook up.

I did see one other gentleman in a white cowboy hat that seemed to be doing fairly well with chironomids but I feel he did well because he moved around and kept looking for fish. He was an impatient fisherman just like me. Other than that though I only saw a few people hooking up here and there.

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