FS whole sale tube fly comercial tying tonage

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For sale the remainder of my tube materials from when I was custom tying on tubes. Lots of eumer, hmh, fur everything. I'm not doing this style any more so away it goes downsizing life still. this was in a box in the back of the closet. 2500.00 invested roughly half off sale I guess thanks for looking.

first option
50+ packs of fur arctic fox coon and maybe a nutria
37 packs hmh tube kit various sizes
8 packs hmh clear tube kit
27 packs body and cone from eumer
38 packs various sized tubes
39 packs hmh aluminum bodied tubes
17 packs eumer discs the move and wiggle
11 packs of tungsten and brass cone heads various shapes sizes
36 packs of junction tubing various colrs sizes etc.
1200.00 usd 15.00 in shiping I'll cover fees from paypal!

second option is one tenth of above supplies which would make 10 smaller packs. I would prefer to get rid of it all at once but that is real commitment. these kits are not perfect across the board so may get more of one thing than the other.
115.00 usd 7.00 shipping again I will cover fees from paypal


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