New Fish Washington logos chosen

Old Man

Just an Old Man
It seems that when ever they show picture of a fish, they show that side of them. You get tired of the same old view all the time.

If I was going to put a fish picture on my truck It would have to be a Brownie.

Vladimir Steblina

Retired fishing instead of working
They are very similar.

If they use them for fishing stamps in the future, it will be difficult for the wardens to differentiate between the various stamps in your license.

I like the idea of making the western Washington stamps dark grey and the eastern Washington stamps bright yellow!!


Why do the differentiate between west side and east side?.
I was wondering that myself. Evidently they want to perpetuate the "us versus them" between the East and West side anglers.

It's a wonder they didn't drag the wade vs row conflict into the picture too.


My name is Mark Oberg
So us old west sider's need to go over the mountain and kick some east side ass. And shove our cute little sticker down there throat?.

Kent Lufkin

Remember when you could remember everything?
As I wrote a month ago when WDFW was first looking for input on earlier versions of these designs, their intended use is in a yet-to-be-introduced campaign called Fish Washington. It's meant to encourage so-called 'lapsed' anglers whose fishing licenses have expired to buy new ones. WDFW has increased the size of their 'catchable' plants from 6-7" to 11-12" in an effort to improve angler satisfaction. Since license fees represent the bulk of the department's income, persuading more people to buy licenses means more revenue. The campaign will use no-cost/low-cost public service announcements and social media featuring these logos to spread the message.



Joe Streamer
We're all just joshin' with you, Kent. Seriously, the logo is not as important as the message, the offer (or "call to action" in marketing terms), and how they reach the right people.