eating local fish

You folks that like canned tuna should switch to line-caught Albacore from OR and WA offshore waters. The canned stuff I buy from the local small canneries that get their fish from local fishers is infinitely superior to any of the product from the major brands yo see in the supermarket. There's just no comparison.
I buy it direct from the local small canneries, at their retail outlets. More expensive, but worth it.
I never buy canned tuna, canned salmon is better and better for you.
A truly sad thing is most states, maybe all, have recommended maximum amounts of fish to eat over a period of time for specific lakes and rivers. Growing up in Midwest farm country I remember drinking out of creeks, everybidy did. Now agriculturural and industrial chemicals have touched all waters.
And what is even more sad is with new GMO agendas farmers can plant herbicide resistant crops that allow even more use of chemicals.
But, the saddest of all to me is what appears to be little resistance and effort to move to more sustainable methods. Everyone says they want to, but it's not economical. Perhaps life on the planet will become extinct because it is not economical to save it.:(
Everyone wants to get to heaven Dan, very few are willing to do what it takes to get there!