Single use magazines?

Guess they should not need to worry amout mine since they are all empty so no need to take them away then. In fact I am more then willing to take all the empty ones and recycle them for any one who has used theirs up.
The gun right people do not seem to get it. We use high caps to shoot paper, to protect our homes and if needed to protect our country. True we do not need them to hunt deer but shooting smalled amimals is done with high caps as well as its legal to shoot pigs with them in at least some states. So yes they can be used for hunting


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Judas Priest...I inadvertently hit the hyperlink that brought up a full screen size picture of her at the table :eek: ...with a mug like that, she certainly has no need for personal protection (WC Fields love child).

Why is it that the political arena is being overrun by dip-shits? Use once, disposable magazines... great idea but is gonna play hell with landfills :D

The more I hear Sheriff Justin Smith speak, the more impressed I am. Watching her snarky facial expressions while he was speaking was priceless. She and the myriad of statist's like her could care less about facts. Minute 51 is also very key in this whole discussion.

Roper -- your sig-line is succinct, dead spot on, and sad at the same time.

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I've been watching youtube clips of individuals like her, Wasserman-shultz, and a few others. I use the term "individuals" because they clearly lack higher the brain functions that distinguish humans from the other animals on the planet. Seriously, I've seen deer in the headlights that had more intelligence!

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