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I stopped at a flat on banks lake the other day on a whim, just checking things out. I hiked up on a bluff overlooking a flat, and was stunned to see dozens of tailing carp. I tipped my hand in my rush to get to my rig, and some bubbas in a bass boat raced over thinking I had spotted bass(as good as sound travels over water I heard them) and being pricks they roared over and started plunking right in front of me as I wadered up. I thought for sure that the fish would be gone, but they were still feeding happily. I made a good presentation and hooked a nice carp on my first cast, which promptly broke me off when the flyline wrapped around the reel handle. Man!!!! I forgot what a freight train those fish are. The guys in the boat left, actually looking pissed that I was targeting carp and wasted their time.


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thanks for the report, thats awesome. i got a box packed with carp/bass flies from winter tying and im itching to get out. i did hook a grass carp about a month ago though.
Awesome to hear, carp are very high on my list of new targets this year. I've never fished for them, but they sound badass, can't wait to get out there. Thanks for the report!

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I finally hooked one in green lake yesterday. Took a pretty small black chironimid. Came to the boat pretty quick and then just took off and broke me off. I don't know that I would have been able to get him in as I was using my 3 wt. From everything I've been reading, they eat the same things as trout, so I'm surprised how long it took me to finally hook one in there. I fish the lake quite a bit each spring.


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I hate to mention this but a friend and I used to chum carp into an area of an old borrow pit pond on the Air Force base we were incarcerated on in Mississippi and then bait fish for them. We used fly rods and had a ball fighting the things, real bruisers, especially when they're hooked on what are now known as 4wt rods. There wasn't much else to do in the area when we got off duty in the evening so we'd "hit the pit" and have some fun. On the upside, we did practice "catch and release", I mean, what else would you do with the things?


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I once spotted a tailing Carp feeding under some overhanging brush about 70 ft from where I was wading. Shot about 20 feet of line & dropped a nymph about 18 inches in front of him on the first cast. The anticipation & reaction to the light take of a Carp at that distance is close to a Zen thing. That bulldog cost me some bruised knuckles and a severed reel handle, but I landed him. What's to be ashamed of fun like that?


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What is the bait of choice for grass carp? I was bass fishing yesterday and saw 2 carp about 12+ lbs. I did see a 6" bass , that is the extent of my fishing story. slow windy day.


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What is the bait of choice for grass carp? I was bass fishing yesterday and saw 2 carp about 12+ lbs. I did see a 6" bass , that is the extent of my fishing story. slow windy day.
I didn't think that you were supposed to target grass carp, but that plastic grass that comes in sushi boxes might work well as long as you rub it in the mud before using it. Roll it into a ball, use some green thread to tie it onto a hook, make sure it smells like mud, and have fun.


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Outta bordom I sped down to the Columbia mid-afternoon. I was thinking it was time to catch a carp. Decided to fish water I figured was cold to avoid any pre-spawn, wound -up fish. The big run-off hadn't hit yet so it was nice a clear, though on the high side. Right out of the gate I saw 15 lb goldfish and it was on the mud but not eating. So I went for a fish that was showing interest in the bottom. Got 'em and he fought like 2 legged pit bull. Gave him plenty of rope as I was hoping not to run off the posse with the goldfish but a long slow fight proved no-less disturbing than a real scrap.With the flat cleared I figured I go fish for bass and check back in 45. Water level, being on the high side I went to a well defined seam right on the main stem. Figured with big current the fish would look for a break wherever they can find one. Dang the water was chilly, even hurt but after minute I was fine. That however means the bass would be staging and not on beds yet as in this area as there are no warm back bays nearby. Second cast draggin the bottom my line took off side ways at a good clip. Nice plump, mint, smallie who wasn't interested in a face to face with me. Catch of the day was some wild asparagus I rounded up on the way back to the rig!


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I went back out to the lake today. I made the cornmeal/bread balls that carp are suppose to like. I hooked into 10 carp landed 7 about 14-20 inches( one was about 24 inches). I didn't get the 15lb big boy I saw last time. I planned on targeting Bass, but the slow day put me in carp mode.

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