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This is the reason for debarbing hooks. Idiots like this shit head. I pinch down all my barbs even here in Montana where it is not required. You get more small hooks in your hands and fingers than one can shake a stick at. I'm always pulling one out it seems every time I go out. If the barb was on I would have a lot more scars on my fingers.


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I've used the last method too-many-to-count times. It's a much easier process if the barbs are smashed. There's a couple of things I do differently.

-- since the hook is in someone else, I'll loop the heavy monofilament over the hook but then straddle the hook with two fingers from my free hand to hold down the skin and use my thumb to push down lightly on the eye of the hook, so when I pull, the skin stays put.
-- I don't let people watch without glasses on so the hook doesn't come out of their hide and into their eye.
-- If the fly/hook is on their face, I'll have them cover their eyes with their hands while I extract the fly.
-- I do the count. I tell the guy I'll pull on "3" but I pull on "1" so he doesn't tense up so much.
-- I put a dab of neosporin on the hole since you just effectively injected river bacteria into your hide.

In all the times I've done this, I've never had the fails he did. But his biggest mistake was not holding down the skin on both sides of the hook and he seemed hesitant. Also, it looks like he had too much slack. The mono needs to be right up next to the bend of the hook when you snap it.

Last year my daughter stepped into my back cast and got one in her shoulder. Were were bass fishing on a pond with the intention of keeping a few so the bard wasn't mashed. She hollered for a few min, but then decided it was cool. I pushed it through and apparently it didn't hurt on the way out, no screams and no tears. (the big bass she caught helped to dull the pain a bit)


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I used the cut off method on my friend. He stuck it behind his ear on his neck, i had that thing removed in a few minutes..... there were fish to catch and i wasn't about to listen to the sissy guy next to us keep telling him to go to the hospital. The guy was standing right next to me watching me finagle the hook and kept repeating- 'you should go see a doctor', I asked him, "dude, are there any men in your family?" in a sarcastic tone and he walked away. I haven't had the privelege of burying one in myself.


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That video doubly makes the case for pinching barbs. Not only for ease of removal, but for ease of penetration.The amount of force he needed to apply to get those hooks in past the barb made a really good case for more hookups without a barb.

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Sad, self promoting tit, sticking hooks in his arm, really? What an arse. Maybe he'll next demonstrate dealing with accidental gunshot discharges as his finale on yootoob, a 'tube' in Scotland means a complete fool... DDalan's comments are so bang on re why not use a pork chop, a bit of belly might be even better, just makes this guy look like a fool or sad, self promoting tube.

I once saw a guy on a boat in San Diego get 'tickled' with a 10 oz Tady with a size f'ing humoungus barbed treble, struck him from side of his head round to over his ear. The skipper took one look, got him a big pad of cotton wool fro m the first aid kit and called out the coast guard a non EMT type it was really shocking to see. The guy was concussed I think, a very good thing; there was no talk of pulling out the hooks, it was a real mess. He bled like a stuck pig till the cutter came by. It looked a bit like getting coshed, immediately followed with meathooks, brutal.