Olympic peninsula

I may find myself on the OP next week with a free day to fish. Any suggestions for me? Unfortunately I won't have my boat with me, but could bring a float tube if there was a compelling reason to do so. Have no preference on species and we're making the circuit so I can take my day just about anywhere: forks, PA, Ocean Shores, etc. may even be willing to hire a guide if there were a particularly good opportunity. I've never been there before, so it is all foreign to me.

We may also just stay on the east side and get stuff done around the house. I'd probably get a couple of rare fishing days if we did that so any suggestions for a couple of kid-free fishing days would be highly appreciated. I used to fish 80 days a year and was really on top of things, now with 3 young kids I rarely get past the Yakima and have no idea where the good fisheries are anymore, other than the standards.

I'll take a pm if you don't want to post out in the open, thanks in advance.



When might you be on the OP? Me and the boat may be out that way 1 day this week with an open seat.
Our plans are in flux right now, but if we decide to make the trip I'd have some flexibility. Figure Thursday or Friday? Where are you planning on going?

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