I'm actually enjoying this!

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I don't think my flies are quite up to that quality quite yet, Bill, but I'm trying to remember that pretty flies are more for the tier than the fish! Ha!

Here is the book I mentioned. I got this as a gift more than 20 years ago. Don't know if this was originally how Patrick's put it out or if this is a copy. It is chocked full of patterns for nymphs, dries, wets, steelhead and flies specific to B.C. Just the recipes and very crude pencil drawings.
I've tied these patterns from the book...Big Hole Demon #2, Black Gnat Bucktail, Pauls Gray Hackle, Red Dragon, Black Spook, Swamp Angel.
I'm curious to see how these old patterns fare today.

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That's a Patrick book. I have one just like it I bought from Patricks back in 1974.

I'll be at the Ellensburg expo also.


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that was Roy's pattern book, he also published a little tome called "Tie Your Own Flies" (1955) with step-by step directions for tying a number of flies. It also had some interesting anachronistic references like "cut off about 2 feet of silk from your spool of black tying silk"; bobbins were unknown in those days. It was illustrated with line-drawings by Allan Pratt who was a cartoonist for one of the local papers. Many today don't realize what an important figure Roy was in the history of northwest fly fishing. He opened the first dedicated fly shop in the area when he came here from California in 1946 and for many years taught a fly tying class at the University YMCA.

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