Rocky Ford this weekend

steve s

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I will be heading out to Rocky Ford this weekend and was wondering if anyone else will be out in there. Also curious about any hatches going on out there.


Steve S
Olive scuds work best for me and sometimes woolly buggers.As for hatches for get it the big fish are so picky it is hard to catch them on a dry, although when we were there 2 weeks ago there was a caddis hatch but nothin would touch my elk hair caddis of the same color and size.If I were you I would use a #14 olive scud on the lightest flourocarbon leader and tippet you can get away with.GOOD LUCK. :THUMBSUP
aaron j
I was there last weekend, and during the day it was packed; at least thirty cars in the parking lots. Try getting there before dawn, or going out later in the evening. The water is so low it's like fishing in a ditch down below. Dries do work--I like to use them there, even when there isn't a good hatch; you just have to be persistent. I caught several both early and late using small chironomid emergers and small Adams or other mayflies, casting to occasionally rising fish. Also, get away from the crowds and go upstream above the deep rocky channel to the wide water, and cast as far out as you can. There are fish out in the middle, and they haven't been bothered nearly as much as those down in the smaller water. Good luck.


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Fished RFC for a short time Wednesday afternoon. There was a lot of trash on the water, but probably because of a change in the wind direction. The weeds are up and the water down about 6". Some Callabeatis coming off, but I got one with a brown leech at 4:00 p.m.! You never know!

There are not a lot of "clean" places to fish RFC and I suspect it these places will become fewer as the vegetation growth develops. Best chances are very early and late - middle day almost nill.

Good luck!


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