If Two Midge Patterns On One Hook Is Hot

Gene, that is awesome. you should tie one of those that is 4 different chironomids,like different colors rather than the double that is all the same color.
i bet it would work. would like like a "clown" pattern with multiple colors. olive,red,black,chrome. most popualr colors.

i bet brookies would eat i-they are pretty stupid. i caught some on a size 10 bloodworm last year. hahaha


Yes, but I tied four different patterns on the same hook. That's the hard part :D

(I wasted some perfectly good tying material and a long shank hook all for a joke -- I suffer from a humor curse)


Sculpin Enterprises
Hi Gene,
No, you didn't waste the materials. You went for the "funny" and we (and hopefully you) enjoyed it. Many thanks. For your next trick, tie a Callibaetis nymph, emerger, and dry on the same hook.



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I would suggest "buffet" or "smorgasboard", perfect for the indecisive trout that just can't make up its mind what's for lunch.

Jeff Dodd

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Man that is wild! I am with Cabezon, Royal Fork or Chuck Wagon....

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