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Woke up to this shit again. After two weeks of 50+ degrees, winter came back with a bang. It's 25 degrees today and snowing like hell out there. Only have about 2 inches but the way these old folks drive it seems like a foot or more.

The temps are supposed to get to only 35 degrees so I guess we are going to have to put up with this stuff for a few days. And I was going to go out and play in the water today. I guess that, that's out.


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That's never fun. I guess snoqualmie got hit pretty hard yesterday too. The Yakima has been blown since I got back from spring break. :(


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Some people have all the luck. Don't you work or are you semi retired.
wow, I agree with you old man. i get up and go teach every day.....look at triploid....younger than me and acting semi retired. an "ah ha" moment for me. Well he may think he can work "whenever" so just maybe i should allow for my fly to float a bit;) just kidding but wow. what a turd he is:)
This huge storm that is leaving a mess across much of the West visited us last night in the mountains of Arizona. High desert living is interesting. The snow probably wont last through the day. It is going to 70* on Thursday.:) This late snow will keep things green longer and help fill uo the high mountain lakes, good for the fish and fishermen.
Enlightened you will get the last laugh when you get the summer off from school and he is working 14 hour days in the hot sun trying to get some "rush job" done.