Swap Salmonfly/GS swap

You know, whatever you guys wanna do! Ill probably do two of the same just because I like my pattern so much, but if you want to do two different ones that would be great. I'm kinda surprised this didn't get more interest. I thought everyone loved a big juicy stonefly
I'm in if you'll have me. I'll tie up my variation of the Clark's Stone. I don't tie a pretty (to people) fly, but it's my goto when waters such as the Deschutes have been pounded into submission in the middle of the hatch and they start getting a little more selective (low-riding, easy casting, very buggy).
alright, don't judge until you slay the trouts with it...

It's my Clark's-ish stone. This is geared more towards Salmonflies with the larger size, and darker moose wing (sorry, photo's a little washed out). I'll tie up 5 of these and 5 with a lighter wing to look more like the goldens we have out here on the Deschutes. I've actually had more success with these than any other fly out there, even after the trouts have been pounded into submission by the hoards of other anglers...When you fish it, lather the entire thing up with floatant and go to town. The more that wing gets spread out, the better it fishes.


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