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This Saturday is the commissioner's meeting in Oly. I am planning on heading down early morning on Saturday. Anyone from Whatcom, Skagit, Snohomish counties that wants to car pool lets start planning now. I have a pickup that will seat three (2 in front, 1 in back) and I am planning to drive it down. Let me know if you want a ride. Depending on plans to get together before the commish's meeting I will be leaving Skagit about 5:00am.

Now, for those plans of meeting up in Oly for breakfast or something prior to the meeting perhaps those more familiar with the area could suggest a place.

Lets show up in force. We had a great turn out last Saturday on the river. We need to keep it going this Saturday in Olympia.

Time for the meeting and location:
April 13th 8:30 AM - Natural Resources Building
1111 Washington St SE, Olympia, WA - First Floor, Room 172
Can't beat Darby's, but it doesnt accommodate a lot of people. New Moon Cafe and Sages Brunch House are similar. They are both close to each other downtown and great spots for breakfast. For a larger group, maybe Tugboat Annie's or McMenamins. Wish I could be there but I'm out if town. Good luck!


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It's been a while but the Spar is old, funky, and has always had good food as well as a smoky back room where the old politicos used to connive new ways to cheat us all.


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Darby's serves up the best breakfast in town, but they are slow ("If you want your food fast, go somewhere else" is roughly what their sign says.). I haven't tried New Moon or Sage's, so can't say what one would need to allow timewise. McMenamins/Spar after the meeting for lunch would be excellent, as would Fish Tale pub.
Fish Tale is probably your best bet. Darby's is awesome, but you'll be waiting forever and still not get a table if your party is big.

And, Fish Tale has the best breakfast sausage around. And good beer.



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I wouldn't linger over breakfast as you probably want to be in the WDFW building by 8:15. It looks the only time on the agenda for this input is from 8:30-9am. If you plan to speak, you must sign up and fill out a form BEFORE 8:30 so plan to arrive early. If you haven't done it before, be aware that you will only get 3 minutes so it is a good idea to plan/write out what you want to say and rehearse & time yourself.

For more info on how public input/testimony works and what to expect, here's the link: http://wdfw.wa.gov/commission/public_input.html
I'd go to Tugboat Annie's over at westbay marina. That's me and my old man's favorite hideout and we're locals. Fish Tale is a good spot as well.


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The replies here are not exactly what I was looking for when I posted this thread. Who wants a ride down on Saturday? Come on, there has to be one or two or you that can go. We need your support. I am going, so this is a free ride. No gas sharing.

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I'm trying like hell Kerry. I'm responsable for my ladies so I have to work on alternate care for them. ANy chance I can bring a 2nd grader?

Go Sox,

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