Lenore Poachers Get Theirs


Joe Streamer
That's awesome! Too bad about all the dead fish, but at least there are four arseholes off the streets and hopefully into jail. At a minimum, this will cost them big $ and will serve as a deterrent.


They said that they were cited. They were probably released the same day. Now they can sneak around and do it again.
Yup. The counties say they don't have the money to keep any but the most violent criminals in jail. So there's no doubt they let them out ... which makes the guy who most likely died trying to escape from the police really stupid.
Sorry for the Michael Vick reference everybody, but if killing a few dogs gets you jail time, how does killing 242 cutts keep you from having an extended stay in the clink??? It’s rhetorical, so don’t answer. My point is, these 4 derelicts should have paid for their crimes with more than just money and a vehicle seizer. :mad:


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Great police work !!!!

Hope they can keep the seized truck and fine these poachers. I seriously doubt they do any jail time for this crime


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Awesome and sad at the same time. That will certainly put a hurting on the fishery. Let's hope they were done with the spring spawn before getting netted...netted for hell sakes...what the hell is wrong with people? I wonder, what do you suppose they planned to do with them?

Hope they get their truck seized, pay some hefty fines and spend some time meeting some of our other upstanding citizens...good grief.

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