information on the Lochsa???

Eric Denny

Summer is over but I'm still fishing!!
I'm wanting to hit up the lochsa and am looking for any information on it? i.e. good time to go where to try. I've been to the hot springs with my wife and just loved the area and decided I wanted to fish it. I was thinking on heading up there for memorial day weekend? As I figured that the temps would be right to hit up the hot spring and to fish, IF the run off hasn't started yet? So if anyone could give me a idea if this is to late to soon or am I good? also where are some good spot I read a old post on here that gave me a idea but you can never have to many good spots;). So all the information you guys can give me about it at any time as I will be going up there often, as its a easy place to talk my wife into going.:)


I've also fished it in late summer with great success using yellow Humpies. ... also, no one else on the river. One of the best dry fly fishing trips we've ever taken. Just about everywhere we stopped on the upper river, we caught cutts....



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Mile Marker 114.5 on Memorial Day Weekend will be a great place to hang out (Lochsa Falls). The whitewater runs out around the 4th of July. Later in the season there's good fishing around Dead Mule Flats (mm 128.5).


I couldn't remember the name of the section until Ray mentioned it. Dead Mule Flats is where we did quite well.

(Wading the Lochsa is a bit tricky but NOTHING compared to wading some of the Oregon coastal rivers like the Siletz -- if you can manage to stand up while wading across the Siletz, everything else is easy. :p)


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Like Ray said, Memorial Day weekend is famous for whitewater on the Locsha. Google "Locsha Memerial Day Madness" and you'll see what I mean. Here's an example:

The water should still be high. It will be in FULL MADNESS MODE that weekend, its fun to go and watch so of them run the rapids. It is hard to say what and when the run off will take place. July-Sept on the Locsha holds some of my favorite dry fly trout water
All the above being true, if Memorial weekend is the time you have to make a trip, don't leave your rod and big dry flies behind. Carefully probe the softer water along the edges, the cutts will be hanging there to avoid working so hard. Also try some of the tribs; the spawning size fish will still be in many of the tribs.

Eric Denny

Summer is over but I'm still fishing!!
Wow thanks guys and I wade the spokane and its pretty slick so I should be alright I'm guessing but I will just have to hold on tell later in the year to really do what I want, just kind of sucks because I did the hole" we could go to the hot springs for memorial day weekends and I was planing on more of a fishing trip than a soaking trip just knew I could talk her into it So @richard olmstead what tribs are you talking about or are you being in general? I was even thinking of trying the small one on your way to the hot springs any idea if that holds any thing? and this memorial madness you guys are talking about what area is that in I mean it looks like it would be a
What Richard and Gene said about timing. I really like this one but it's all about when you go. This should explain a lot (2,000ish is about right). 6,000 and above is a lot of water through there...should tell you everything you need to know about Memorial Day.
Echo on the timing. I was there in September...had the river to myself. Fantastic dry fly fishing. But all my white-water-junkie friends own the river from April - early July, the run off is spectacular and I wouldn't want to even try wading the river.

Great access though. Follows the two lane highway, some nice pull outs, and a few nice campgrounds.

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