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Eric Denny

Summer is over but I'm still fishing!!
I'm trying to find some good spots around spokane to go. I like to fish more streams and beaver ponds than lakes. I know about crab creek and rock ford but are there any other one's out there? I mean we have so many lakes I would think it would be easy to find creeks but I haven't had any luck. So I am asking for any help one can give.

Rick Todd

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beside the Spokane River, just across the border in Idaho are the NF CdA, St Joe, and a bit farther, Kelly Creek-all awesome! Rick


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There really aren't a great many creeks to fish around Spokane, but there's the Spokane River, which has a nice Redband Trout fishery. Eastern Washington is lake country, mostly.

Vladimir Steblina

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There are enough rivers in north Idaho to keep you busy for a long time. Try the Moiye River. Check out the larger creeks. Some of them have pretty large fish.

Just remember fishing streams is just like working and not getting paid for it!!!

A float tube and a cigar!!

Eric Denny

Summer is over but I'm still fishing!!
Thanks guys I nfcda is where I normal go. I haven't been to kelly creek yet, I have heard its really good. I was just looking for a little more in my own back yard. Has anyone tried sullivan creek?

Vladimir Steblina

Retired Forester...now fishing instead of working
East of Bonner's Ferry on the Montana line. It was once a candidate river for Wild & Scenic River status. Worth exploring.

If you want to fish rivers, buy a Idaho license.


Skunk Happens
It's a pretty lousy time of year for moving water aficionados in Spokane. There aren't many options with all the rivers booming and most creeks don't open until 6/1 (check the regs, I could be wrong). Time to explore.


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Head into Silverbow Fly Shop in Spokane and get the scoop on options. They are definitely out there come June 1st... Until then, Crab Creek and Rocky Ford are your best bets. Just check yourself for ticks!

Once Summer comes along and it reopens, check out the Spokane River. Big water, yes, but early in the year the fish are very accessible and great fun on a nymph rig or streamer setup.

Kimbo from the boards here and Spokane Falls TU put together this great video that discusses the Spokane. Check it out!

Other good small water within 2.5 hours... the St. Regis River and the Thompson River in Montana. Fun water for sure. Second the Moyie just from second hand knowledge. Have fun, I truly miss the fishing out there... Instead I'm chasing ghosts (aka Steelhead) and sitting in a boat catching Springers (boring but delicious).

Eric Denny

Summer is over but I'm still fishing!!
Thanks aplTyler i have been to silverbow a few times and I fish the spokane all the time. And plan on going to the st.regis this summer and where is the thompson and the moyie? And thanks for the video but I seen it on the silverbow facebook page.lol But it was a great video!!! and I hope some other people see it on here who havent.


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Head into Silverbow Fly Shop in Spokane
Exactly what I was thinking. Sean or Bo at Silverbow are great to talk with and a wealth of knowledge. There are a few cool spring creeks up north near Chewelah that have brookies in them or the litle Spokane, NFCDA or tribs into the NFCDA, Fish creek, Rock creek just to name a few. Just check the regs and remember the Spokane doesnt open until June 1st (I always get impatient this time of year for the Spookey to open).

That video was awesome, I remember Sean telling me about it, but I spaced looking it up. Thanks for posting it, and that gives me hope for the season to come on the 'Kan.

I may hit the NFCDA this weekend if you wanna fish with.

Eric Denny

Summer is over but I'm still fishing!!
And to tell the truth I have never fished the little spokane is it any good and is it like the spokane you need to nymph it?