SFR: How many miles on your truck?

2011 F-150 w/ Ecoboost, just hit 23k miles. Love the truck, love the engine.

Jesse, are you a tall guy over 6'? If so you need to go sit in a new Ram 1500. The seats are just superb and support guys(and gals) with long legs much better than the other trucks.
Unless they've changed the Rams since 2011, the F-150s had way more leg and head room. I'm 6'7" and the Ram wasn't even an option.
1985 BJ70 Landcruiser it is coming close to 700,000 kilometers. one clutch and one set of brakes. for the metrically challenged that os around 420,000 miles give or take.
Those are badass, I used to have an FJ60 that I fixed up pretty nice. Thinking of getting another land cruiser maybe an FJ40. Love the look of the 70 series but you can't really get em in the states.

Jeremy Floyd

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Here you go. The best part is where they leave the truck on a long boat launch ramp. The tide comes in and the waves flip it over. They recover it and with a few min of tinkering they drive it away.
Thats what I have, the short pickup, cept a '95... It's unkillable.

I cant tell you how many full size pickups I have pulled out of the mud, snow, ditches, etc.. I have had people laugh at me when I tell them I can pull them out.

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