Swap Competition Tungsten Jig Nymph Swap

Jeff Dodd

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I settled on a pattern finally and just started tying! My bad.
The jig hook nymph patterns took me a bit to get use to, but starting to get the hang of it.
Tying a tugston bead flash back pheasant tail jig nymph with CDC. Or something like that.

Charlie craven's pattern. IMG_20130518_134125_656.jpg

Chad Lewis

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A question about technique- the slotted bead will slide down until it covers the entire hook eye. Are you guys turning it "sideways" to keep that from happening? Or is there another technique to prevent this?

Jeff Dodd

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I am turning the bead around and the small hole hits the eye and the slot is nearly covered by my threat collar.

Sometimes when putting on the bead you have to rotate it to find the position that allows it to go around the bend of the hook.

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I actually checked on line to see some patterns on the slotted beads. The slot goes to the rear of the hook. I had the same thoughts before I started tying. That's a killer pattern, by the way.

Thomas Williams

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Deadline is approaching. So far I've received Nick's and Steve's. How are we looking in the rest? I know most people are finished let close this bad boy out

Thomas Williams

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Sweet action. How bout you Ira, you been mighty quiet over there? Lookin forward to this one. I think everyone will be jealous they didnt join.

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