Occupy Skagit/Olympia


Geriatric Skagit Swinger
A last reminder from me for the meeting tomorrow.

At last count I will be taking nearly 500 names and signatures of supporters with me.

It's not too late to be counted. Send me your name and hometown to cr_skagit@yahoo.com

Attending the meeting will only take about 45 minutes of your time. Show your passion and help us fill the room to standing room only.

I'm unfortunately not going to be able to make it.

Will you be taking the list of names you collected from last Saturday? I just want to make sure you have me included.


I'm bummed I can't make it--hopefully there will be some down south folks there tomorrow who maybe weren't able to get all the way up to the river but are able to come out to the capitol.

Good luck and give 'em hell!