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3 layers of foam, and deer hair! Cast it along a black hole's event horizon and it won't go down. Tried to stay true to the parts list, but the pink indicator doesn't do much for me.

hook - Mustad 9671 #6
thread - UTC 140 tan
butt/sac - foam black
body - 2mm foam (3 layer sandwich)
wing - Congo Hair white
indicator - Mcflyfoam pink
collar/head - elk hair
legs - medium rubber barred tan

mash barb and attach thread at 66% mark; wrap back to point above barb

tie in a 2mm x 2mm strip of foam

poke a hole in a strip of tan foam (hook gap width) and slide on at hook point

align with hook shank and attach with wrap at the butt

pull foam over butt and tie in on top (not sure if this is Yeager's method but it insures the bottom foam is securely tied down)

tie in top layer of foam (taper end)

cut foam loop at butt; free tag end from hook point and taper end

tie in legs

move thread forward and create next segment


and again

tie down top layer

tie in a clump of Congo Hair (don't trim the foam yet; keeps things from slipping forward)

tie in indicator and front legs; stroke everything back and secure with some non-tox wire

trim foam

clean and stack a clump of elk hair; tie in, let it flare on top but not spin

clean another clump, trim off tips and spin it, pack it tight, then repeat; tie off and SHHAN

invert fly; using bottom of hook eye as a guide, push a razor blade straight back

taper head

remove non-tox, trim legs, wing and indicator and you're dome

That think is a monstrosity and I love it. Should work well as the hopper in a hopper dropper setup, even when your dropper nymph is fairly well weighted. Thanks Scott!


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thanks again scott. ive seen this pattern at reds the past couple years they started selling it and ive tried and failed a couple times trying to figure it out.

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