Lake Leneice (?) access


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Looking at google earth it appears a road runs to the side of Lake Leneice. Can you drive to the lake shore or is it walk in only?


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They need to gravel or pave a road right down to the lake...someone's gonna hurt themselves hauling stuff over the gate or twist an ankle trying to portage stuff over the scrabble. ;)

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If you head a little west of the locked gate, there is an opening in the fences and you don't have to go over/under the gate.

Freestone - Why gravel or pave right down to the lake? That would make no sense at all. If you stay to the right at the lake sign, it is an easy grade, mostly gravel, to the lake. What "scrabble"? The sand hill coming up can be tough depending on what you are hauling. They should probably do the same at D---y, eh?

There are plenty of places you can drive right up to the lake. If that's what you want, don't fish the Nunnally chain.


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