Sarasota, Florida

Having never tossed a fly from the beach in Gulf surf, the few hours I did spend casting into the salt current produced some exciting moments. Second cast I had a 20lb Jack take my streamer minnow at about 15 feet out and proceed to make a 75yd run straight out ripping me into my 7wt backing before I even put tension on the rod. Saw his greenish blue body flash at the surface of a rolling wave as he made a hard right into some underwater cover, hardly managing to get a few pumps as I attempted to real the gremlin in a whopping 10yds before his second devilish turn and burn out to sea snapped me off. I looked at my wife in disbelief feeling whoa-fully under equipped or prepared. Had a few other takes from passing Jack, but never did land one. Admittedly more concerned about the Corona in my hand than the fish this trip. Did manage to real in a nice 22in sea trout. Game me a great fight, and was a beautiful fish. Also tried night fishing for shark on a big gear rod. Had a massive black tip shark hit my bait like a damn freight train, near ripping me out of my chair. Never gained any line on him, he won that battle effortlessly. This time my wife looked at me with the whoa-full face of being out-matched. I'm glad that happened on the last night, because I'd be damned to wade out in that water to fly fish with that memory fresh on the brain. No photos. Didn't expect to catch anything other than the thousands of rays that passed by on a daily basis, and my normal photo hand was always occupied with a beer.