Anyone have experience w/ minn kota I-pilot motors?

Well I recently bought a 17ft sea swirl center console that I am really enjoying. Now I think I really want one of the fancy salt water minn kota bow mount motors. The one i am considering is riptide 80 ST w/I-Pilot. They are expensive, but features like spot lock (hold boat in current/wind in place) sound really cool. Anyone have one of these that can tell me how it works for fishing the sound?



Joe from PA
Don't have, but I ordered one for my new boat and I can let you know in about 6 weeks how it works for me. I have a Motor Guide saltwater bow mount on my Crestliner which has been great but it doesn't have that spot lock feature. I'm really looking forward to that feature on the new boat. It will be very useful.


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I have the powerdrive V2 freshwater version and LOVE it. The spot lock is great but so are the other features such as auto pilot and speed control. I use mine for all sorts of fishing. I also troll and use it as my autopilot when setting my downriggers or planer boards . I have my kicker going for speed and the ipilot steers my boat. The fob is with you and you can make adjustments anywhere on the more foot pedal.
Thanks, all the reviews I have read seems like people love it. I went ahead and ordered one myself. I should have it and mounted in the next few weeks.

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