Has anyone seen/used the magnavise?

Rob Ast

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Just a heads up, but I emailed the vise manufacturer about the clamping mechanism. Although it looks like a regal it is in fact a cam actuated vise, not spring loaded.


Oh great. I'm not sure if that is good or bad. Sure wish I'd get the thing PDQ so I can see what I actually bought.

(Last time I buy a vise because of a post!!! :p)
GAT et al,
I looked at my REGAL vise. It has quite a prominent "hub" which sometimes gets in my way when I tie "inverted" IMG_1163 (1).jpg but I guess I have adjusted to it.


Dammit, Jack! Now I'll obsess over the hub if it gets in my way or not! Sure...NOW. I wish you would have mentioned your concern toward the top of the page!:rolleyes:

Ah, it will be fine for what I'm going to use it for. If not, well, I have another vise I don't use in my collection. It only cost me two cartoons... unfortunately, I now sell 'toons once in a blue moon. When you only have two clients who publish six times a year and one client doesn't buy a cartoon for each issue, my tools, gear and materials fund is pretty damned meager.

I'd hate to go back to writing articles for the materials and tools money... then it's a job :eek:
Sorry;)to have caused you so much unwarranted consternation.
I have a tendency to over-think things. With some of the bigger flies I tie, the Hub is a problem but I'm just picky. On smaller flies probably not an issue. And it really isn't an issue.
Couple of photos of big and not so big flies on my regal.
The term "mountains out of molehills" comes to mind.
Just trying to help. My intentions were good. Isn't that all that matters?:rolleyes:

. DSC01178.jpeg DSC01179.jpeg DSC01180.jpeg DSC01181.jpeg


I ordered it directly from the company in Utah... that's most likely why it arrived as quickly as it did... of course for the price they charge for shipping, it should.

Okay, I didn't edge the lawn as I planned and tried the vise instead. So I tied up some simple soft hackles as a trail run.

Remember, I'm accustomed to using a Dyna King Barracuda Jr. and not a Regal style of vise so you need to keep that in mind.

The vise is sturdy and well made but I have issues.

Jack, you are correct about the handle and the handle holder... it located too close to the tip of the jaws. I'm not accustomed to a large part of the vise crowded next to the hook and maybe the reason I don't use my Regal knock-off.

I'm not so sure the tip of the jaws are any closer to the body of the vise than it is with a Regal.

The Dyna King is made with a V shape so the jaws are nowhere close to any other part of the vise.

I flipped the jaws so the handle is on the bottom. The handle is removable and really doesn't get in the way when the jaws are upside down. Still, the jaws are not long enough for my taste and if they were longer and came to a sharper point, it would be a better vise.

If I wanted to add an angle to the jaws so the hook would be secured up more away from the body of the vise, I could. But then you lose the full rotary function as the hook would no longer maintain a horizontal position when rotated.

And one huge gripe. The vise adjustments are made with allen screws. The company did not include an allen wrench with the vise and none of my allen wrenches fit the screws -- evidently they are metric or something. Anyway, for the price, the vise should have come with allen wrenches for making adjustments.

The removable handle is also used at the rear if you plan to use the vise as a true rotary. They could have just as well added a permanent handle at the rear... moving the handle from the front to the back is kind'a silly.

The other problem is probably unique to my situation. I use a clamp style magnifier. It is easy to install the clamp on the Dyna King... there is no where to clamp it on this vise. And I do need a magnifier. So I clamped it on my tying lamp but that screws up the angle of the lamp due to the weight of the magnifier.

Again, if you are accustomed to using a Regal, most of my complaints have to do with that style of vise... I prefer the Dyna King style where the jaws are well out of the way of the body of the vise. .. similar to the wild ass look'n new Tiemco.

As I see no advantages of using the vise at home, I probably won't. I like my Dyna King much, much more.

So, bottomline, if I would have tried the vise before ordering it, I wouldn't have purchased the thing. It may work better for those of you using Regals but for me, I'm not keen on the product. I already have a Renz Traveler so I doubt if I'll even use this thing as a traveling vise.

Looks like this is another one that will end up in my collection and hardly ever, if ever, used again.

For me, personally, the vise is not worth the price.



Note: I just checked the price of the Tiemco vise.... I guess I can't say the Magna Vise is over priced... it just seems that way to me because I expected much more. (like allen wrenches that fit the screws)