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Took a spin around the outside of one of my favorite lakes after chironomid fishing today.
This is a fairly shallow lake that as produced one double digit bass that I know of.
I saw three bass cruising along the drop off into deep water. Classic pre- spawn behavior.

If we can get the weather to stabilize, it should be game on in a week or two. It hailed like crazy as I was getting off the lake today and the temp felt like it drop 10-15 degrees in a matter of minutes.
I have a rematch schedule this year on this lake with bubba after getting snapped off in a downed tree last year.
A friend sent me some pics of a couple he caught today on soft plastics. Like Stonefish's lake we don't get many double digit fish in our local ponds, but there are a few lunkers. Temps didn't get much over 50 degrees today, but I think I'll do some prospecting tomorrow anyway since I've already caught two bass this year while trout fishing.


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Good luck today Patrick.
I have a friend who has been fishing Lk Wa for smallies. He was getting fish in 40 ft of water a few weeks ago and is now hitting them in 20-25' of water, so they are slowly moving up as the water warms.
Last year on the lake I fished yesterday, a guy fishing off a dock land a large bass that had inhaled a planter bow he was reeling in. The bass wasn't hooked, it just wouldn't let go of the bow and they ended up netting both fish. The bass was over 6 lbs on their digit scale.
The best part was watching the guys young son go crazy when he saw the size of the bass.

After watching that happen last year, I think I'm going to tie up some larger patterns to imitate the planter bows.


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I picked up a couple of perch this week and a bunch of small cutts that were working in 6ish feet of water, still no sign of the bass though.


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picked up a 3" lmb in my commuter pond saturday. was a huge relief because i was beginning to think there had been a fishkill over the winter. should start to heat up now, can't wait.


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I'm heading out again on Sunday to look around. I need a break from trout fishing.......
Peak LM spawning activity that I've witnessed has been between the 12th and 24th of May the last few years on my favorite lakes.
The full moon is May 25th this year.
I've been getting lots of small LMBs out of the local ponds. The fish seem to be mostly long and skinny. My favorite one isn't fishing at all this year. It has a large population of carp and suckers. A friend has suggested that they may be eating all the bass and panfish eggs. I think it's just warming up slower than the other ponds. Once the 20-40mph winds calm down I'll be trying it again. The fish in that one aren't huge, but fun on a 5-6wt, and we occasionally get a big one.


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Hit one of my favorite lakes today figuring the warm temps would help get the fish active. Didn't see one fish, which was odd. Carp were active but bass were on vacation.
I went out for a few hours this afternoon. A friend had caught multiple big bass this morning so I thought it was worth a try. They're staged in the shallows, but by the time I got there it was hot and the sun was bright so the bite was off. I didn't get skunked, but it was slow. I'll try again tomorrow, and maybe bring a boat.

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