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my son and i drove over to rf friday night with a plan to sleep in the truck, fish till dark saturday and then head home. when we got to the first parking lot it was 11:00 and calm so we decided to strap the headlamps on and try for a couple fish. it was cold as hell but it's pretty cool when the water's calm to see a good beam illuminating the water and streambed. ben hooked up right away:

we had a cool/spooky encounter with a beaver in the uppermost hole around 1:00 am. wish i had had the presence of mind to turn the video on. around 1:30 we were just too cold and tired so we retired. got up saturday and it was, all in all, a pretty tough day because of the wind. we've always fished by sight almost exclusively at rf so the wind made that tough, to say nothing of casting. but we did pick up a few fish and were forced to try some new things. i believe saturday was the most crowded i've ever seen it at the creek. the pelicans were brazen.

we were ready to head for home when we found out the pass was closed, so we went and got some food and hunkered down for another night. next morning was bright and clear, no wind. we caught a few more fish and had a great morning. as we all know, a lot of the fish there don't exactly fulfill their full potential when it comes to the fight they put up, but the last one i caught was a nice exception. hooked just on the legal side of the barbed wire in the uppermost hole at the first parking area, it ran under the wire and up the canal to the backing, twice. great fish and a great ending. pulled out at noon and headed for home. here are a few of the nicer looking fish, finishing with a real monster for ben that he took saturday and taped out at 28". the whole trip was made for me by the joy and thrill on ben's face in this shot. great weekend with my boy.





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