Cutting down my oars!


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After listing my cataract oars for trade and getting no response. I decided to cut them down.
I could have just cut the blade end but that would have meant that the wrap would have been to short. This is how I went about cutting them down.

Measured the amount I wanted to take off and used the plastic strip to get a square line around the shaft.

Cut the shaft with a sawzall with a fine tooth metal blade. Can also be done with a grinder and a thin cutting metal blade. You should wear gloves and a dust mask at least.

Cut the shaft into quarters being carefully not to cut shaft of the handle. I used a grinder to do this. I then hit it on the floor to break the bond of the epoxy on the remaining shaft pieces.


Used my belt sander to sand down the epoxy so that it had some gap between it and the shaft for the new epoxy.

Cut some groves in the epoxy on the handle so the new epoxy had a better grip on the shaft and handle. I also used a file on the inside of the shaft to give it more tooth due to it being super smooth.

Clean the shaft and the handle with denatured alcohol.
Use hi impact epoxy. Use more than you think you will need and cover the shaft and handle. Don't use a fast cure epoxy. The slower the cure time the better the bond. Use tape to protect areas that you don't want to get epoxy on and clean any up with the alcohol or M.E.K.



When it was time to shorten mine I cut the blade end drilled a hole and was done. Not sure if it took 3 minutes or 4. I would have wrapped couple inches of rope if needed adding another 5.



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I had them up for a while for trade and couldn't make it happen. I had a trip planed for this weekend and needed to get it done.
Ed it was just like an arrow just bigger.

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