Ross Diamond rod for men?


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Hi all,
I came across a Ross Diamond rod online, marked down from $300 to just over $100. Apparently they're built on Ross' "premium RX fly rod blanks," and the only difference is a smaller cork grip and perhaps a more effeminate burgundy paint job. Now, I like saving money, and I look pretty darn good in burgundy, so am I poised to save big bucks on a great rod, or am I missing something? If I just switch out the grip, will I be fishing a normal rod?

Decent explanation of the rod here:

Thanks all!



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Just realized I left off the potential issue: these rods are apparently adapted for female anglers by reducing the grip size... and that's it as far as I can tell.
If it feels good do it. I've heard that having a woman's fly rod will help you find things in the refrigerator. However, you may lose some map reading skills.

If Sage would make that pink rod of theirs in a 2 or 3 wt I'd buy one and try that theory out.
It sounds like a good deal. Most online retailers have a return policy so you would be able to send it back if you hate it. If something ~$100 is your budget you do have some other options both new and leftover closeouts. I really like my Redington Pursuit. The four piece is about $130. If you bought one local you'll get a great replacement policy and be supporting the local shop.
I can't find a good view of the color of that rod, but I recently broke my discontinued Redington RS4, which came in a very manly olive-brown color. Redington replaced it with the closest available rod in their current line, the Voyant, in a deep burgundy color. I was initially displeased with the color, but it cast well and caught two of the larger trouts I've hooked in the past few years on my first outing with it. So, to heck with the color; I'm keeping it.


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Dude...from ten feet away no one will know what color it is. And it about a year everyone will forget what and where these came from and then you can claim it as your "custom ordered color" which btw cost you mucho will then be the envy of everyone who sees it. If I were you, I would buy two.

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woooo when i first read the tiltle i thought he was looking to trade a rod a for sexual favors.
Unless you have massive hands, I suspect the rod will be just fine. However, don't think that the discount alone indicates you're getting the best $100 rod for you. It's all about casting style, ability and preference. But yes, it would seem that this is a good deal on an overseas-made rod from a reel manufacture (it's not as if Ross has been designing rods for years, I suspect they spec it out and hand over most, if not all of the engineering and QC to their manufacturer...)

BTW, not certain how you think you might "switch out the grip" easily, it can be done, but can be messy and depending upon how they epoxied both the reel seat and the cork, you may risk damaging the blank.


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Dan is right, switching a grip is not easy. Another alternative is to build up the grip diameter with foam tape like the tape used on tennis raquet handles. However you will lose that traditional cork look.