What's your worst skunking ever?

I'm not particularly proud of this, but last summer I pulled off what has come to be called my "Central Oregon Trifecta." Skunked (not counting dinks) on consecutive days on the Deschutes, Crooked, and Metolius. Yeah, I know, it happens. BUT my wife just hammered 'em every day (note avatar) swinging soft hackles. Hope none of you have suffered such an indignity.


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recently when my boy and i were at rf, a couple showed up and started fishing. the husband was clearly the expert of the two, got his wife set up on the footbridge dangling something, and went to the upper hole to get down to business. i glanced over at the wife a couple times and she looked to be engaged in the classic "there's one! i'll just dangle this thingy right in front of it..." approach. followed by the "what the hell?" body language that normally follows. the husband, meanwhile, looked like he knew what he was about. but after about 15 minutes she hooked up and called over to him. he didn't look too happy as he marched over and netted and released her fish for her. he went back to fishing and so did she. about 15 minutes later, she hooked up again! when he came over this time, he looked positively pissed! i had to stifle a little laughter. i never saw him smile or congratulate her. she looked like she felt kindof bad about it. right after that ben and i had to pack up but from the truck just as i got in i looked over and saw the husband finally hooked up (right where his wife had been fishing), his face beaming like the archangel.
I started fly fishing in Oct 2010 when I took a guided trip and caught some fish on the Yakima. I didn't catch another trout until mid/late June 2011. I had another sound skunking the entire winter of 2011.


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July 15th 2010--Caught a Steelhead on the Clearwater on the Stink Run

Sept 2nd--Finally caught another

5 trips in between, that CW is a fickle beyotch
Cedar River last summer. Went fishing on a Sunday and caught about 25 fish, including several 14'+ and had a great day. Went back to the same stretch 6 days later and went 0-fer....Fished all the same spots with the same and different techniques and could find anything. Demoralizing.

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