What's your worst skunking ever?


Salmon On the Fly
Quite honestly I have rarely been skunked if fishing more than one hour. I do live on a very productive river that has lots of fish( Cowichan River BC). I don't fish when conditions are poor so that helps. I have been sort of skunked on rivers I don't know well. That means only getting small ones (shakers) on rivers in Montana where if I was more knowledgeable I know I would do better. I once met a guy on the Rock Creek in Montana and caught numerous little ones I just shook off. I later asked another fisher how he was doing . He said great, about 40 so far that morning . After further conversation, I found his were all "Shakers". I'm just spoiled I guess.
I do get skunked on Lakes as I'm not that knowledgeable in still water.

Rob Allen

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wasn't quite a skunking but i can say without any doubt that the most disappointing trip ever was to the Bulkley 4 years ago 6 days of fishing for four anglers, fished hard all day every day and for the group we had 5 fish hooked and 3 landed plus a couple dollies and one coho. I don't think I'll be going back anytime soon. I am not a numbers guy but I just don't have 1500 bucks to spend on such poor fishing.

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