First fly you caught a fish on???

Eric Denny

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I know some of you are old but I'm sure no one for gets the first fly they landed something on. Mine was a renegade And it was in idaho, I was 12 and had know idea what I was doing, though I thought I did, wait I still have that problem. Anyways it was just a little 10 rb but I was so happy. I will never forget that fly and I always keep some with me, though I haven't used one in I don't know how long. Maybe I will give that a try next time my luck isn't going good.


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A royal couchman they were the most talk about fly in my day and looked buggy to me. It took me a long time to figure out that that fly wasent worth a shit. Ha ha, took me about 4 outings to relize this. Finally caught a small brook trout. It was a hard lesson, but I was ecstatic. I haven't used one since, ha ha.

Gregg Lundgren

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I was eleven. I used a "Professor" at Soda Lake, rather than throw a yellow crappie jig for perch, crappie and bass. Productivity fell off a bit, but I was in seventh heaven!:D


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My 7th Grade science teacher, Mr. Neidhart, offered to teach some of us to tie flies and make lures after school.
I went home and tied some kind of wooly worm looking thing and caught a fish on the Bitterroot R. with it using my Grampa's bamboo rod.


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#12 or 10 Renegade, Deer Creek, Idaho outside Boise. First steelhead on a fly - Dragonfly, skated on the Green R. (that tells you how long ago...) between 18 and FG

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