Request for help recovering payment or rod from NewTyer1 aka Scott Martin

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Jerry Daschofsky

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Yes, NewTyer1 was banned/parked. Was due, and figured it was time. Didn't want anymore of the lies.

Onto S Fontinalis leaving. It's sad to see anyone leave. But think he was missing the bigger picture. We all have our opinions, but I'm assuming he's never really dealt first hand with a true "veteran". If he did, I doubt there would've even been the rant. And onto his rant, any mod will confirm that most who make that rant usually keep lurking or renew their membership. None ever truly leave. You may think otherwise, but the IP doesn't lie.

Onto this situation. This will get long winded, and I do apologize. I was not military. Have been surrounded by military my whole life, but I unfortunately did not serve. It's the cross I've had to bear my whole life, why I give back now. And yes, it's troubled me, it's something I've always wanted to do (serving our country). But maybe my calling may have been to do what I'm doing now (if you believe the universe already has plans for us). It's my way of telling the "sheepdog" that I the "sheep" truly appreciate the safety and comfort they have given me my whole life. I CAN NOT EVER give enough back to them. Anyone who's been in my camps or at tying with me, hopefully can see how much joy I get helping them out (and how hard I work to make the experience as enjoyable as possible). You will never hear me bitch once, even on a steelhead trip, being an oar bitch all day with a soldier in front and back of my drift boat while I never wet a line. Even on my favorite rivers the Hoh and the Nooch. Again, I can't ever repay the sacrifices they've made for me. Yes, I've heard "It's my job" or "You're doing too much", but I ALWAYS hear a thanks from those who truly act as the sheepdog. So when it comes to people who falsely state their veteran or disabled veteran status to dupe those who willingly give out of respect for the scammers "service" to our country, I get a bit pissy. And, I let this thread go, and warned the other mods as well. But already had word from other PHWFF groups and other flyfisherman across the US about Scott. But I didn't want to post anything until I got the word, via phone, about what I had heard was true. When I heard from two very reliable sources in and in association to PHWFF about Scott and what he claims "was a misunderstanding", I decided to let this thread live on. Glad I did, because people came out of the woodwork because of it. I'm hoping that S Fontinalis is still lurking and has read what true warriors have posted up (Ron Eagle Elk for one). They are the true judges, and their word should mean more then anyone elses on the matter. As mods, we can only do so much. This isn't a paying job where I'm on the computer 24/7. I volunteer here, like I do with PHWFF. My thanks is the occasional fishing trip with Chris Scoones (wait a tic, why the hell do I do all the rowing ya bastage ;) ). NONE of us get a paycheck for doing this job. I find nothing wrong with the way this thread was handled, it needed to be put out in public, since it's the PUBLIC who are being harmed. I wish I had a few days to do some heavy investigating on Scott. I only had a few minutes each day, and some time at my lunch surfing on my phone. I'm a UPS driver by trade, and after 10 hours in a UPS truck, I prefer to get home and spend time with my family and doing some PHWFF stuff (via emails about donations, programs, etc). Lastly, on this situation. I do have one observation. Those who truly served for the love of their country, ask for the least back (and NO, using your GI bill, VA benefits, etc is NOT asking for anything, it's using benefits you've well more then earned). I've done this program going on 7+ years now. There is definitely a pattern that emerges from those who wrote that "blank check" and those who really didn't do much. Those who gave so much of themselves usually ask for nothing. Hell, I know guys with multiple deployments, combat injured, you name it and won't take anything from us. Hell, I know a couple guys now who I literally had to say "TAKE IT, you've earned it!". I truly mean that, I have to tell them to their faces that they deserve these donations. Then, you have the guys who come into the program and want to be served hand and foot, and take so much (or expect so much) that it's almost sickening. Those who expect the most, so far (and this is my opinion so take it as you may) are the ones who really didn't do much in their deployments (if they deployed at all). I do have other surefire methods of spotting out fakers, I just don't want to put up a laundry list for those who may read this for "insider tips" to scam others.

Finally, onto Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing. Yes, that's my address above. If you want to send fishing gear, tying materials, etc, feel free. But please DO NOT send cash/checks to me for the program. Well, unless it's a thread where I'm asking for donations for situations like to differ food costs for the 2 Fly event we hold in Ellensburg each year. If you plan to donate cash you can find the info to do it via mail or electronic cash transfer here . You can ask to have the monies earmarked for our program by stating you want it to go to the NW Region. BUT, with the generosity of so many of you, you can simply donate money to the national level where it's evenly distributed. It's also thanks to so many of you on this website that has helped our NW Region stay away from our funding by supplying us with the gear we need through donations. Hell, and the donations of boats/rowers has been a huge help as well. I can't ever say thank you enough to all of you. This program has been a labor of love for me. Probably because I'm the last volunteer left of the old Red Cross group (pre Project Healing Waters) that was started up by Jesse Scott and Warren Perry as a rehab group to help those with TBI and other wounds affecting their coordination. I've been with PHWFF since day one here in the NW, and think of it as "my program". It's not "mine", but it means that much to me that I donate so much of my time (which, is money for me since I'm taking unpaid days off to do it on Tuesdays) to help our fine men and women of the US Armed Forces. If I can help just one, it makes all the difference. I've helped well more then that already, so the lost money doesn't matter to me. Again, I can never repay what these fine men and women have done for myself and this country. They've paid the ultimate price for my freedom, I want them to know that some of us appreciate all veterans (current military AND all of you who are veterans from years past).

I'll finish this up with a big THANK YOU too all our Armed Forces, and to those of you who served in the past. Those of you who never got that thanks when you came home so many years ago, realize that some of us appreciate what you've done.


^ me and Bridger
You eloquence has shone Sir and I salute you. Thank you. THere will be a box or reels set up to fish just down the road. Regarding you not have been in the military please may I assure you that you really are in service to your country in a way that makes you shine.


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Man, it just got dusty in here. Must be the wind over here on the dry side. God bless you Jerry. You may not have worn the uniform of a warrior but, nonetheless, you have the heart of one.

I found this thread from another site. Scott aka NewTyer1 has been scamming fly fishing forums across the internet for a few months now. I am a member of PA Fly Fish forums and Scott tried to "sell" an Orvis Superfine on there. Someone on the site called him out on selling a PHW rod and basically called him a piece of shit for doing so. He retorted that he hated to sell the PHW rod and the Superfine but his daughter had cancer and he needed to use the money for travel and hotel expenses. One of my fellow degenerate members of the forum, being a caring father with kids who had recently battled cancer himself, decided to do a little fundraiser for him. I agreed to match the first $350 of contributions to get things going. Within a day we were at $700 with the match. I think we ended up with around $1,300 (I may be wrong as I did not spearhead it but it was well over $1000) in PayPal funds and checks. This was sent to him. He also "sold" the Superfine (not sure if guy actually got it). Check this out, somehow the PR person at Orvis heard about this, created an account on PAFF and announced that they were sending him another Superfine with a CFO and line. Ok, so everything is fine and good. He could have said, "Thanks, guys" and quietly gone away. But no. A few days later he posted that he could not go see his daughter because his ex-wife took a restraining order out on him. So obviously everyone is like WTF is going on here? We start prodding him, he offers to send money back if "we just tell him where to send it" (duh, asshole the PayPal account that was established for your fund and the email address you received it from). Needless to say he went away . . . $1,300 cash, $1,000 rod and reel and $? if he jacked up the guy he sold the original Superfine to, richer. He does in fact live in Virginia and yes, we do have his address and yes Virginia is a hell of a lot closer to PA than WA! The more I think about it, the more inclined I am go visit him. Sorry sack of shit.

So, how's the fishing? LOL.

Oh, I found out about this site and his scam from this one where he ripped off guys on Fiberglass Flyrodders . . ..

I tried to post the PAFF scam however the original thread was deleted. The second thread where the gentleman came up with the idea to raise funds is in their "Off Topic" section and if I post the link it will be dead because you have to be a member and sign in to see it.

And here is where it's gets nutty . . .,28043,flat.html

Looks like he got some nice gear and free trips out of PHW . . . .,26419,381523.html#forumpost381523

Out of curiosity, what rod did he "sell" you? Superfine?


^ me and Bridger
Seems to me there is postal fraud here which is a federal offense. Jeff, the fishing is okay. Thank you for posting. Calling him a sorry sack of shit is being kind. He needs to be slapped and prosecuted.
Seems to me there is postal fraud here which is a federal offense. Jeff, the fishing is okay. Thank you for posting. Calling him a sorry sack of shit is being kind.
To the OP in this thread who was sold items and the guy stole his money, maybe. To those of us who gave him cash, Orvis who gave him rod/reel, meh we were just stupid. It was right around Christmas time, so a lot of folks were in generous moods. Hell, I relayed the story to my parents and they sent me a check for $250 made out to him (a stranger) because it was such a compelling story. Luckily he started in with the nonsense when I still had the check sitting on my desk, so obviously the check was just voided.

One of the sadder things is that the guy who started it up, myself and a few others that played a bigger role in it are pretty skeptical people and it was a leap to actually do this. I know the guy who started the whole thing (a friend of mine) has been so apologetic to the forum community as he feels responsible for coming up with the idea. Me, personally, I feel what goes around comes around and really hope that this guy gets his in the end. Having said that, I would still help a stranger, however they would be vetted first.
He is a professional scammer. He has posted on several forums that I visit and asked for free equipment. Several months ago he posted on a forum relating his so-called plight. Since I give several reels and lines away every year I put a package together and sent it to him in Virginia. He complained about the reel on another forum where he had asked for equipment. Yes, he complained about the free line, backing, leader and reel (all new) that i sent to him. Pissed me off, but I sent it to him by choice. Later he sold the reel. It was worth well over a hundred bucks. He is a liar and a cheat.
Wow. He complained about the Superfine and CFO Orvis gave due to the PAFF sob story as well. I had forgot about that since the post was deleted. I suggest that if any of you folks are members of other forums that the word be put out on this guy.

Edit; (yes, I am just now reading through this complete thread as I had previously landed on the last page). So he was posting on here defending himself as of this Tuesday? Wow.

Double Edit: HE POSTED HERE YESTERDAY?!!?!? Balls!


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This guy makes me SOOOOOO angry! These stories make me want to really F%$K him up. If anyone ever had it coming boy does he ever. I need to go to my happy place.
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