Advice for Port Aransas, TX

I’m headed to Port Aransas, TX for a small reunion with friends and family on Wife’s side. The festivities are the first weekend in June. I was thinking about taking a couple extra days and heading down early with my rods to sneak in some fishing before everyone else arrives.

This will be my first opportunity to chase redfish and with limited time and no boat access I’m looking into options for a day or two of guided fishing. It appears there are a few fly guides that operate out of the Rockport / Port A area. Anyone have suggestions or recommendations for a particular guide or outfit?

In addition, any general tips or suggestions as far as what conditions to expect, gear, lines, flies, etc. that anyone is willing to share would be greatly appreciated. I’ve starting doing some web searching and I’m planning to bring a very fast 7wt that I overline to 8 wt and a more moderate 8 wt. I haven’t really dug into lines or flies yet. Thanks in advance.
This is what I did, about a month ago. It's as much fun as any flyfishing I've ever done, and I have had terrible luck two times. If I ever had a really good day, I might sell everything I have and move down there. The whole experience is pretty awesome. My guide Jack was great and he would drive to you if you wanted to fish with him. I can give you more info if you wish.
Thanks for the link to the report and the guide recommendation, doublebluff. I've done a little bit of bonefishing so I have an idea how tough sightfishing in the shallows is... especially when your adrenaline gets going and you feel the pressure to make the shot. I'll admit that I've missed far more than I've made, but I guess that's what keeps you coming back!

How was the weather, and especially the wind, while you were down there? I'm expecting it to be pretty breezy when I'm there.
I think we were really early in the flyfishing season. They worried a lot about weather, but I think it settles out. I think the wind is always a factor. Sun and no wind is best.

We were loooking at the weather for a week or so before, and it was supposed to be great. But, the night we got there it changed to one day of clouds and yuk. Then it was sunny again. Figures.

I will add that he had everything we needed as far as gear is concerned. And, the guy could really cast.

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