Errors uploading photos into the gallery

Chris Scoones

Staff member
A few of you have had challenges occasionally while trying to upload photos into the gallery. It's usually a 'mogrify' error when that utility is attempting to build your thumbnail.

Status: The mogrify process is processor intensive and when proc is at a premium, such as lately when the board is active and I'm running huge backend queries, mogrify bails out in error.

Solution: First, I'll try to curve the backend stuff I'm doing and another lift will be new board software. This isn't a version upgrade, but a migration to an entirely different board which hopefully will result in more proc being left to the gallery, among other things.

Interim: Re-run your upload another time. It's not you, so for the time being just understand that the server may just be busy with "me me me" while I'm working on the solution, which requires database info transfers of 3100 members, 10K threads and 80K posts which will be performed multiple times in test.

Any questions? Let me know.


Tim Cottage

Formerly tbc1415
Definitions of transmogrify on the Web:
to change completely the nature or appearance of; "In Kafka's story, a person metamorphoses into a bug";

So, by way of semi abstract extension of logic we can interperet what Chris is saying as "The server is busy hatching while we are trying to upload images".


Zen Piscator

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i was woundering what that was, thanx chris. You really work hard on this site, i think u need to fish somemore or somthing, god knows u diserve it!

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