Jetty fishing on the fly!


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I'm heading to Westport for clamming and thought I'd take my fly rod and fish the jetty for lings and rock fish. I've never done this and am looking for tips and fly patterns. All help is greatly appreciated!
Thanks in advance!

Jim Wallace

Smells like low tide.
Accck! I thought my ears felt like they were burning, so I checked here. ;)
tyeoneon, When are you planning to get out here? I was looking at the weather forecast, and if you can make it here by this Fri morning, you will find better fishing (wind and swell) conditions for jetty fishing.
I might launch my yak and head out then. The rest of the weekend is looking a little bit windier and wetter, and I am going to play it by ear.
Today is a surf day, until 1pm or so. Only because the wind and swell conditions say so. Gotta run!:)

Jim Wallace

Smells like low tide.
Wind forecast has changed a bit. Now Fri doesn't look as good as it did, as far as wind direction, for fly casting on the N side of the jetty. I'm waiting for tomorrow morning to see if I'm going kayak fishing. N to NW winds are in the forecast for the morning. I might go surfing, instead, since it might be small and "user friendly." I'd be out riding waves today, but I have to recover from the last two days of surfing. Getting old is hell!

The fish out along the jetty were biting yesterday, though. Water had warmed up a little, and I saw fishers bringing in some fish.

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