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Hey all!

Brand new to the forum and to the state in general, and just wanted to give a big thanks to all of the information on the forum. The wealth of information has been incredibly helpful in reducing the learning curve. On that note, recently I've been trying to get into the SRC's in the Sound. I'm currently in Parkland so I've been staying fairly local for all my fishing. These past few weekends I've fished Owen's beach off point defiance, Titlow beach, and the beaches off of Dash Point to no success.

After more searching around the forums, I found out about Purdy Beach & the old Italian restaurant in Gig Harbor. I figure I might swing the fly around there a bit this Saturday when the tides are right. Can anyone offer any advice? Still trying to land that first Cutthroat.

Thanks for all the help!


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If you haven't seen it already, read the info on the Gig Harbor Fly Shops site in the section entitled "The Neighborhood."
Welcome, you're doing everything right, just keep at it. I would continue to search and explore, there are tons of beaches and parks within an hour of you. I've caught Searuns at all but one of the beaches you've mentioned, so you are on the right track. Some fish better than others and at different times of the year. I would pick 3-4 beaches and make it a circuit every time you fish. That way you can see which beach fishes better on which tide. If you find a lesser known location, don't name it on the internet, or you could end up losing a bit of the solitude.

Buy your materials/flies from Puget Sound Fly and Gig Harbor FS, keep picking their brains while you're in the shop.

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I would second what Steve said. Do visit the local shops and spend a few $'s for the info you get.

You can be in the right spot and still not touch a fish. I have had many (too many) no fish days in 2013. Particulary frustrating when they are jumping out of my casting range.
You might want to pick up a copy of Mr Chester Allens book, or e version on Amazon. Short of that, spend a complete ebb tide cycle (from high to low) at your favorite spot and throw the small flies you have, like a #10 white ghost . The book is broken out by seasons of the year, it will help you tune in to how these wild fish live.


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And I think it's also important to remember that SRC are one of the most finicky species of fish you'll ever chase!

What you toss and where is fairly important but the whims of the fish dictate results.

One day might be epic but.....

The following day it will be abject failure and you'll be scratchin' your head and thinkin' "I'm sure I was throwing a green and white clouser on the ebb and doing quick strips yesterday.....wait a minute, maybe that was a couple of weeks ago?....shoot.....what??? Am I losing my mind???"

Man, been there and done that and have the t-shirt!!! :)

The uncertainty is what makes it interesting, don't ya think?

Best of luck to ya!

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If you want to really search for SRC then here are my suggestions:

First, search this forum for a couple of weeks for tidbits and info on where SRC's hang, time of year to fish, etc. Les Johnson's book is also a great reference.

Second, fill your car with gas

Third, leave the fly rod at home.

Fourth, on the days with the lowest tides, start driving and checking out every public beach you located on your internet search. Plan on driving a couple of hundred miles and walking at least a half of a dozen beaches. Get out and walk the beaches, take your camera and use it to record what you find, take notes. That way you'll have a good record to review in the future.

Fifth, when you are near a fly shop like Gig Harbor, stop in, get their input, BUY some flies and other stuff, don't just suck them dry on info and leave. If they have a class on fishing SRC's, sign up and take the class. When you see a shop like Orvis or Avid Angler offering a one day intro to SRC, take it.

Sixth, if you run into other fly fisherpeople (have to be political correct here), chat with them, MOST are friendly and helpful but there are a few buttheads that won't be helpful.

If you run into a DFW law enforcement officer, have a chat with them, they are excellent resources for info.

Seven, After two recon trips without the fly rod, then start taking it to fish for SRC's.

Good luck on your search, those SRC's are great little fish.

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Haney_TG, welcome to the board! There's some really great people here, great guys to hang out with. `Bout the only thing missin` is our still out in the woods, away from the "revinooers"!

I've been "informed" that her Ladyship will begin to change her work hours at the hospital in the next few months, working a 6-on/6-off week. This gives us enough time to wander over to the "wet" side and I'll be able to focus on the beaches!
Finally getting into the trout!

Went out fishing the other day with a friend of mine, hooked into a couple nice SRC before the tide ran out too much. Also ran into a nice gentleman fishing the same beach named Patrick who said he posts to the forums regularly. He gave me a few ins and outs of what to look for, how to fish this particular area, etc. All in all a very successful day fishing, and a excellent learning experience. You guys have a great board here and have created a very friendly environment, especially for a new guy like myself. From a guy brand new to Washington State fishing, thanks a TON!

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