Beads and Hooks that work well together.

Thomas Williams

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I've been experimenting with a lot of different brand beads and hooks and I've found its difficult to find a set standard where the bead won't slide over the eye of the hook. I'd like to use a standard or fine wire for most applications but that doesn't always work out. If I can find one brand of beads that have small holes that will work on most hooks I'd like to stick with that standard. So my question is who makes hooks that generally have large eyes and who makes beads with small holes. I know it seems silly hut I'd life to find a standard and stick with it so I can start building hook boxes.
when i buy beads from company a, company b, company c etc and they fit around the bend of the hook and dont cover the eye, then i'm completely satisfied.

i have more important things going on in my life (health, retiring, taking care of an elderly parent) to obsess about but i guess we all have different priorities and thats not always a bad thing.

are you using the right size bead for the hook youre using? the right size bead shouldnt slide over the hook eye

in the end, its only fly tying

Jeff Dodd

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One thing I attempted to do is settle on a style of hook I wanted to use for the majority of my trout nymphs and then bought beads that worked well on that hook.

Regarding hook selection. I don't put a bead on fine wire hooks, with one exception i can think of. I suspect the wire would be so fine it would not match the recommended bead size recommendations. The standard wire hooks I have used for nymphs and wet flies with beads.

Good luck with the project and I look forward to your results.

BTW: it seems to me that Allen hooks have larger eyes than the corresponding Tiemco hook.

Thomas Williams

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Thanks Jeff. I think if I stick to 1x heavy for nymphs I should be okay. Like you I'm searching for a hook I like and plan to keep to that standard. The hareline beads tend to have a larger diameter opening on the small side and at times slide over the hook eye. Ill let you know what I come up with. I'm waiting on allen to restock there barbless nymph hooks. The beads and hooks I've bought from them in the past are always great! Another problem I find is the companies are inconsistent with there sizing for beads. A 3mm from one won't be the same size from another. I don't know what the deal is with that so again just searching for a standard.

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For my beadhead flies I really like Montana Fly Company Beads paired with Tiemco 3761 hooks. I've never had a problem with that combo. As long as you use the rough size chart from MFC's website you'll be fine.


Try Bright Beads from Spirit River... they are made a little differently than Cyclops Beads from Hareline. Seems to me the Bright Beads do have a smaller hook eye hole. I primarily use the counter-sunk beads from Spirit River and don't have a problem with the beads slipping over the hook eyes.

Now.... if you want frustration... try using glass beads and finding hooks that allow installation of the beads.

Chad Lewis

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Orvis 122J description:Chemically sharpened 2X long microbarb point, slightly large gape, York bend, slightly curved shank, and enlarged eye make this the ideal hook for tying nymph flies with brass and tungsten beads.
Even hook sizes: 6-16.

Orvis also make several dry fly hooks with larger eyes if that hook shape suits you better.

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