lone 4/24


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I fished lone yesterday from 8 to 3 in the afternoon, it wasn't gangbusters but I did fairly well 10 to hand with at least that many take downs. I started with my favorite leech pattern but alas no love, I fished a soft hackle for a while casting to the banks and stripping it back that got a couple of tugs but nothing to hand, my fish finder showed large amounts of fish but they were all in the top 5 feet of the water column I guessed it must have been recently planted and half of the fish I caught proved that to be the case they were in the 6 to 8 inch range which was a disappointment, I believe when a lake gets a fresh plant it throws things out of whack for a while the new fish swim around all confused and the holdovers, well some cruise with the new ones and others hunker down until things settle back to normal. There were a few hatches coming off and so I posted up next to a little point where my finder showed fish consistently cruising and and started fishing a chironomid pattern about 5 feet down and that got me into fish the best maybe 17 inches the smallest 6 but it was beautiful out and it was fun watching the eagle fly about and at one point 2 deer came down to drink from the lake and where they stepped in was deeper than they expected so the first one was splashing around trying to get out and sure as shit the second deer did the same damn thing very funny to see.

Gregg Lundgren

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Thanks for the report Tony. The day before it seemed nobody could come up with the right chironomid pattern. We definitely had that depth covered. You had a much better day with wildlife entertainment to boot!

Jeff Dodd

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Hey Tony. Great report and I would have loved to have been on the water yesterday. What a day.

I have that a deer got his hind quarters hung up on fencing that day, and he ended up in the lake thrashing around. Quite a day for wildlife viewing :)


Left handed Gemini.
After looking at the states planting records it is just as I thought 3000 new fish in the last month 2.5 fish to the pound, hope they grow fast, why would the state plant so many smaller fish in a lake that's managed as a quality selective fishery I don't get it

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